Conscious Marigold + Onionskin

Conscious Marigold + Onionskin


This beautiful yarn comes from a small family farm set on an island in Lake Ontario with some serious commitment to their land, animals, and surrounding community. Here are a few highlights and I think you will agree that I couldn’t have named this yarn base anything but Conscious…

-the sheep roam freely, breed according to their natural cycles, and aren’t fed growth hormones.

-stewardship of the land is paramount at the island farm: no pesticides are used, bees are kept to promote healthy pollination, and Monarch butterflies are encouraged with an indigenous wild flower program.

-4 large gardens on the farm help get fresh produce to several food security/shelter programs.

Get your slice of this island farm paradise with a skein of ethical and sustainable Cheviot/Suffolk 2 ply worsted wool yarn for your next hand made project.

*each skein is approx. 180 yards / 110 grams / 2 ply / worsted

*100% Canadian wool (Cheviot/Suffolk) traceable single farm origin

*price is per 1 skein

*non-superwash, hand wash only with wool specific soap

*sturdy and alive in your hand, this yarn is great for winter sweaters, toques, and mitts. It also felts beautifully and would be suitable for weaving.

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