Auchentoshan Variegated Q-Red + Cochineal + Hibiscus #4

Auchentoshan Variegated Q-Red + Cochineal + Hibiscus #4


Auchentoshan (OKH-en-TOSH-en) is an old Scottish Gaelic word translating to ‘corner of the field’. This yarn hails from the fields of Alberta where local sheep farmers bring their fleeces to a family owned and operated antique woolen mill for custom processing. A Mule Spinner from 1910 was used to produce this unique high quality handwork yarn. Mule spun yarns are drawn, spun, relaxed, then wound, mirroring the processing pattern of hand spinning. Dyed with Quebracho Red, Cochineal, and Hibiscus, this trio works beautifully together, complementing each other and blending subtly to create a slight colour variegation in the yarn. This 100% Canadian Rambouillet is super soft and possesses an airy, lively characteristic that is a joy to work with..each skein is approx. 432 yds / 112 gms / fine 1 ply

  • 100% Canadian wool - Rambouillet- traceable origin

  • price is per 1 skein

  • non-superwash, hand wash only with wool specific soap

  • suitable for detail work, socks, or a light shawl. Felts nicely and would be lovely in a woven project as well.

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